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Why Am I Jealous?

Below are listed some possible factors which can contribute to jealousy arising. The list is not intended to be exhaustive, but just to give an idea of the different types of reasons which lead some people to think and act in jealous ways. It is likely that some of the factors will be relevant to you but others will not.

Possible Causes of Jealousy

1. Possible Childhood Factors

There may be some factors in your background which you feel have led to you being vulnerable to feelings of jealousy. These might be some or any of the factors listed below or they might be other factors personal to you not mentioned here:

2. Possible More Recent Factors

There may be some more recent factors which have increased your susceptibility to jealousy even if before you might not have felt jealous in similar circumstances. Some possible factors are given below, but again there may be other factors personal to you not mentioned here:

3. Possible Factors in Your Current Relationship

If your jealousy is of the type which involves feeling worried that someone important to you, such as a partner, may leave you or betray your trust in some way, then there may be specific features of that relationship which contribute to your feeling jealous of people or situations that you perceive as posing a threat to it. These could include things such as:


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Further Ideas for Jealousy Issues

The above extract is taken from my ebook Overcoming Jealousy - A Practical Guide. For more information about that ebook click on the link below:

Overcoming Jealousy - A Practical Guide