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AWAKE from Food Addiction
- 5 Essential Tips on How to Lose Weight Sensibly

Society and Food

We live in a world where we are inundated with images of 'tasty' but unhealthy food with ultra-high sugary, salty or fatty food content. Tempting offers to 'Eat As Much As You Like' or 'Super Large Size Deal' seem to offer great value, but at what cost to your health and waist size?

Miracle Diet Solutions

In response to the ever-burgeoning obesity problem in the developed world, there are numerous miracle diets that you can find promoted on the world wide web and in bookshops across continents - high protein diets, low fat diets, low carb diets etc.

These miracle diets can indeed offer you a quick fix sometimes to your weight problems, but it is often temporary - the diet relies on you following a highly unusual pattern of eating and it is extremely difficult to maintain the weight loss once you have finished your initial bout of enthusiasm and have to return to the business of eating in the real world.

Therefore the approach recommended from this website is instead for a healthy balanced dieting combined with strategies to address your emotional responses to food. This provides a sensible and long-term approach to losing weight and then continuing to maintain a healthy weight.

The Healthy AWAKE from Food Addiction Approach

The AWAKE acronym below focuses on sensible healthy eating strategies instead of on a fad solution to over-eating problems:

A - Appreciate Your Food More

W - Watch Your Emotions Around Food

A - Address Your Excuses

K - Keep in Control of What You Eat

E - Eat Less, Enjoy Your Food More

Introducing the AWAKE Approach to Dieting

Here are some initial tips to implement the AWAKE acronym:

1. Appreciate Your Food More

Tip: Slow down the speed at which you eat. Focus on the taste and experience of eating, appreciating it properly instead of wolfing it down unconsciously.

2. Watch Your Emotions Around Food

Tip: Note down which emotional states or experiences trigger you to want to eat more - Disappointment? Hurt? Excitement? Anxiety? Set a plan for what you will do to distract yourself and do something else to take your mind off food when your particular emotional trigger states arise.

3. Address Your Excuses

You may have a set of excuses to absolve you from blame because of:

Tip: Take note of the Thought-excuses you give yourself (see examples in brackets above!) and then challenge them. Other people can be in your situation and not succumb to the excuse. What would they say in response to the Thought-excuse? Say that to yourself.

4. Keep in control of what you eat

If you are overweight the likelihood is that you are eating too much of certain kinds of food - eg. sugary or fatty foods or alcohol (with significant amounts of sugar in it).

Tip: Identify which particular foods are creating problems for you and reduce the amount of those that you eat or try eating a healthier alternative.

5. Eat Less, Enjoy Your Food More

With all the opportunities to eat that are available in the modern world the chances are that if you are overweight you may simply be eating too much as well as any of the above problems. If so, it will be sensible to reduce the amount you eat as well as adjusting what you eat (see 4.above).

Tip: If you are eating too much generally, reduce your portion sizes by 10-20%.

Note: To help you do this, enjoy what you do eat more by following the first 'A' of the AWAKE acronym and appreciating the food that you do eat in a conscious way.

Where Can I Get More Information about the AWAKE Approach to Losing Weight?

You can purchase a succinct 20 page downloadable guide to implementing the AWAKE approach packed with practical suggestions and strategies for helping you to lose weight below:

About the Author

AWAKE from Food Addiction - 5 Essential Tips on How to Lose Weight Sensibly is written by Self-Help Author David Bonham-Carter who specialises in the use of CBT and other practical techniques to help people deal with negative thinking patterns and address difficulties such as:

David worked for many years in the UK as a social worker before becoming a professional life coach in private practice for several years. He now focuses on sharing useful coaching and CBT techniques through self-help guides.

AWAKE from Food Addiction - 5 Essential Tips
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