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Dealing with a Jealous Partner -

Jealous Husbands, Wives or Partners

Issues that May Arise if you have a Jealous Partner

If your wife, husband or partner is prone to jealousy this puts a significant strain on your relationship. You may well feel:

Common Reactions of People with Jealous Partners

Jealousy may lead to attempts by a jealous person to gain control over the actions of their husband or wife and to inhibit their freedom in making choices about who they see and when.

If you are the wife or husband of someone who is jealous, your instinctive reaction to these efforts to restrict your freedom or dictate how you ought to act may be either to:

In many cases these responses are not likely to improve the situation and are more likely to lead to:

Information on Dealing with a Jealous Partner

At the time of writing there is not a great deal of information available for the wives, husbands or partners of jealous people as to how best to approach the situation in order to achieve a constructive result and help your partner overcome their jealousy and react differently. Most information that is available focuses on the jealous person and what they themselves should do.

To fill this gap I have written an Introductory Guide to Dealing with a Jealous Partner, which takes you through a series of ideas to help you respond to your partner in a practical and helpful way:

Responding to a Jealous Husband or Wife

The general approaches for responding to a partner with jealousy issues about which more detail is provided in the Guide include:

Dealing with a Jealous Partner - Purchase Price

You can purchase the Introductory Guide Dealing with a Jealous Partner in US Dollars or GB Pounds Sterling.

The cost for it including all the practical assignments in US Dollars is just $14.99 or in GB Pounds Sterling just £9.99. It is available online for immediate download in PDF format.

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When you purchase Dealing with a Jealous Partner - An Introductory Guide from this website, you will receive immediately a link to download the E-Book in PDF format. Your purchase is covered by a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, just request a refund within 15 days of receiving the E-Book and you will be given a complete refund.


"The book was very compact without any nonsense. It got straight to the point.

I bought the book because my husband can sometimes be jealous and I am always wanting to develop my emotional knowledge and grow...Information is very important and knowing why something happens and why people do what they do."

- Claudette, Bristol, UK


Dealing with a Jealous Partner - Full Contents List

The full contents of the Guide are set out below:

Section 1: Reasons Why People Get Jealous

Section 2: Helping Your Partner to Overcome Jealousy – Some Simple Tips

Section 3: Meeting Your Own Needs

Section 4: Responding to a Jealous Partner –

  • Analysing a Problem Situation involving a Jealous Partner
  • Options for Preventing the Situation arising
  • Dealing with Thoughts when Your Partner acts Jealously
  • Adjusting Your Reactions & Responses

Section 5: Tackling Your Partner’s Jealousy with the DEAL Method

  • Introduction
  • Requesting Changes in  your Partner’s Behaviour
  • Listening & Negotiating

Section 6: Creating Your Action Plan

  • Introduction
  • Sample Action Plan

Section 7: Choices if Your Partner Stays Jealous


About the Author

Dealing with a Jealous Partner - An Introductory Guide is a practical book written by Self-Help Author David Bonham-Carter who specialises in the use of CBT and other problem solving techniques to help people deal with negative thinking patterns and address difficulties such as:

David worked for many years in the UK as a social worker before becoming a professional life coach in private practice for several years. He now focuses on sharing useful coaching and CBT techniques through self-help guides.

Practical Ideas and Tools for Responding to a Jealous Partner

The structure of Dealing with a Jealous Partner - An Introductory Guide is very much practical.

This is not a woolly discussion. It is a book which gives you tools and exercises to work through to help you make practical choices and take sensible actions in response to your partner's jealousy.

You work through the assignments in the Guide step by step with the aim of creating your own practical Action Plan at the end that you can use to guide your actions in responding to your partner's jealousy and dealing with the issues that it creates for you and your relationship in a sensbile and positive way.

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