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Changing Your Life - A Practical Guide -
A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Change in Your Life

Have you ever:

The Changing Your Life eBook Programme

Changing Your Life - A Practical Guide is a step-by-step self coaching programme that aims to help you with these sorts of issues and is immediately available in a downloadable e-book format. It is designed to help you to overcome difficulties and create an imaginative practical plan that you can follow to create the future you want. Throughout the guide the key concept of Quality of Life is used to provide a benchmark to what you are planning and starting on and to what the changes are all about.

The guide is structured in an easy to follow format covering seven aspects of the process of creating positive life change.

You are taken step-by-step right through from initial assessment of your situation to the creation of your own individual and tailored plan for your future. On the way to creating your plan, you get to:

The structure of the programme will be relevant to you and your life if you are:

This step-by-step programme has been created by Self-Help Author David Bonham-Carter, using recognised models of change, including principles from Motivational Interviewing and Solution Focused Therapy.

Practical techniques and theories are incorporated for:

A wealth of useful exercises are included in the guide for you to follow step-by-step as you go, with forms to help you clarify your goals, monitor and review your progress.

A full list of the Contents of the eBook programme is set out below:

Changing Your Life - A Practical Guide - Contents List


Programme Overview

Module 1: Quality of Life Assessment
Introduction to Module
1.1 Quality of Life Assessment
1.2 Understanding Your Quality of Life Assessment
1.3 Pre-Session Questionnaire
1.4 Planning New Actions

Module 2: Understanding What Kind of Person You Want to Be
Introduction to Module
2.1 My Values
2.2 What Kind of Person Do I Want to be?
2.3 Epitaph
2.4 Achievements and Characteristics
2.5 Aspirations
2.6 Thinking about Needs
2.7 Questions to Consider
2.8 New Actions

Module 3: Analysing the Change Process
Introduction to Module
3.1 The Perfect Process
3.2 The Normal Process
3.3 Examples of Change
3.4 Selecting Practical Strategies for Achieving Change

Module 4: Locating where you are in the Change Process
Introduction to Module
4.1 Identifying where I am
4.2 Weekly Timetable
4.3 My Control of my life
4.4 New Habits

Module 5: Identifying Your Future Vision
Introduction to Module
5.1 What do I want to Change?
5.2 My Future Letter
5.3 The Miracle Question
5.4 Sources of Support
5.5 Working Towards a New Vision

Module 6: Targets and Outcomes
Introduction to Module
6.1 Distinguishing between Targets and Outcomes
6.2 Setting Quality of Life Targets
6.3 Targets and Outcomes Exercise
6.4 Final Targets and Interim Targets
6.5 Reviewing Your Progress since Starting the Programme

Module 7: Your Quality of Life Plan
Introduction to Module
7.1 Creating a Quality of Life Plan
7.2 Forward Planning
7.3 Monitoring and Reviewing Progress
7.4 Your Journey

The guide is based on research into effective techniques for helping people to make significant life changes and is not available in the shops. It can be flexibly adapted to a range of different circumstances and has been successfully used on numerous occasions in a variety of different life situations.


About the Author

Changing Your Life - A Practical Guide is a practical book written by Self-Help Author David Bonham-Carter who specialises in the use of practical life coaching techniques to help people deal with negative thinking patterns and address issues such as:

David worked for many years in the UK as a social worker before becoming a professional life coach in private practice for several years. He now focuses on sharing useful coaching and CBT techniques through self-help guides.


Feedback from those who have used materials and exercises in the guide:

"When I contacted you I was at an all time low ...The sheets were the starting point for me turning my whole view point around...Thank you so much."

"Hello David

Just a quick line to let you know how your life evaluation forms helped me. When I contacted you I was at an all time low. I had been made redundant and felt useless.

I made use of the life evaluation sheets [in the first part of the guide] and after a while and one unsuccessful  job I took courage in both hands and applied for my  "Dream job". I am now living, in a small bedsit , in London  and am having the time  of my life  in my new job.

The sheets were the starting point for me turning my whole view point around  and making my own life choices.

THANK YOU so much.

Best regards"

- Helen, London, UK

"The programme is designed in such a way that anyone and everyone can benefit from it..."

"Through the Life Satisfaction analysis I was able to get a clear overview of how different aspects of my life were rated, then the successive modules provide a structured way of breaking change down into manageable 'tasks' or steps, culminating in an initial Life Plan... the Life Plan is achievable - it is not an idealised aim, but extremely practical and realistic.

I think anyone who wants to make changes in their life and who is prepared to work at this can benefit from the programme. You don't have to be 'special' or ambitious or good at making changes. The programme is designed in such a way that anyone and everyone can benefit from it." - Tina, Madrid, Spain

"In all areas of life things have improved..."

"In all areas of life things have improved...Breaking down my goals into achievable steps has been very useful. I've designed my website, obtained more work, started socialising more, exercising and am generally more hopeful and focused."
- Maria, East Coast, U.S.A.

"It is refreshing to come across an approach which is free of jargon..."

"It is refreshing to come across an approach which is free of jargon and user friendly. I see a lot of programmes being promoted as life changing but seldom with such a simple, fad free approach. David genuinely cares about empowering individuals to make the most of their lives." - Alison, Surrey, UK

"Highly effective programme...very practical and structured..."

"Highly effective programme which encourages you to address your concerns and realise your goals. The programme is very practical and structured. Its incremental approach enables you to view your most significant issues objectively and make real progress on them." - Diana, London, UK

"Easy to follow.."

"It has helped to give some more structure to my life and it is there for me to go back to at any time. It is so easy to follow that it is not daunting to dip back into when I need a reminder". - Jane, State of Victoria, Australia

"Try this programme and you'll get a perspective on what it is you want to change..."

"Try this programme and you'll get a perspective on what it is you want to change and how to go about changing it, what to do when setbacks occur (and they will!) and where to go for help."
- Louisa, Midlands, UK


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When you purchase the guide from this website, you will receive immediately a link to download the full guide in PDF format. Your purchase is covered by a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If for any reason whatsoever you are unhappy with your purchase, just request a refund within 15 days of receiving the guide and you will be given a complete refund.

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