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5 Key Elements for Wellbeing

In my view, there are 5 key components to living a healthy balanced life and enhancing your wellbeing and quality of life :

1. Exercise (to a reasonable degree)

2. Eating Healthily (this includes modifying or avoiding unhealthy or excessive eating or drinking habits and avoiding ingesting other harmful substances - such as nicotine or harmful drugs)

3. Meditation/Mindfulness

4. Balanced Thinking

5. Setting and Following Achievable Goals

How to Live a Balanced Purposeful Life

In the table below, I give some additional comments & suggestions regarding how to implement each of the key elements above:-

Key Element:

"In medicine if you could prescribe one thing that could improve everybody's health then that thing would be exercise"- Dr Kevin Fong (Horizon, BBC2, 12 August 2013).

Exercise helps your body to stay fit and healthy and releases endorphins which help you to feel better and more relaxed. Set yourself achievable goals for what exercise you are going to do and when. Also you can try exercising if you are feeling low or stressed and want to give your mind a break from your stressful thoughts.

Eating & Drinking Healthily
This is about being sensible and conscious of what you let into your body, not just for the benefit of your physical health but also because mind and body are closely related. Obesity,excessive alcohol use and smoking are among the biggest health and lifestyle problems facing modern society. Substances such as caffeine can have some positive uses but can also heighten anxiety or have other significant negative effects. Under eating, or avoiding too many foods, can also create problems. Further information on eating healthily is contained in my kindle ebook article: AWAKE from Food Addiction - 5 Essential Tips, to help you eat and drink in a moderate, healthy sensible way if this is an issue for you.

Life is full of pressures. Meditation and mindfulness help you live in the present. For some initial information about mindfulness and how it can help with managing anxiety and stress, go to: Mindfulness.

For a basic meditation exercise go to: Meditation.

Balanced Thinking
Balanced thinking involves dealing with negative or counterproductive thoughts in a sensible way and keeping them in perspective. Here the principles of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) to help - For more information see CBT- Introduction.
Setting and Following Achievable Goals
Goal Setting is a core element of life coaching. It helps you to have a focus and an aim. In business-speak the acronym SMART goals is sometimes used to describe helpful ingredients of goals (see SMART Goals). To keep things simple as a first step I just say try to set achievable goals (the 'A' of the SMART acronym). The rest may come later!



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