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Setting Goals

A coaching exercise taken from the downloadable book
available at: Life Coaching Exercises

You can use this exercise to help you create goals and related actions:

It is sometimes said that the goals you set should be SMART. The acronym SMART has been defined in different ways. For example, the letters can stand for the following features:

S pecific or significant
M easurable and motivational
A chievable
R ealistic and relevant
T ime framed

1. Ask yourself what Outcomes you would like to achieve in the next 3-6 months, where the word ‘Outcome’ refers to a change in your feelings or in your quality of life or relationship or satisfaction in a particular area. Write down 1-3 important Outcomes that you would like to move towards:

2.Now for each outcome you have listed in 1., set yourself a Personal Goal that meets the SMART requirements above that you want to aim to achieve within a specified time, which you believe will help you towards the outcome:

3. Finally, list the Actions that you will start on within the next 2 weeks to help you start to move towards each goal. For each action, specify what it is, when you will do it & which goal it is relevant to:



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