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Dealing with Stumbling Blocks

Here is a life coaching exercise to help you deal with stumbling blocks which are getting in the way of you achieving what you would like.

For each stumbling block that might prevent you achieving your dream or targets answer the following questions. The stumbling block may be a practical obstacle or difficulty to overcome or it may be a psychological block which is holding you back. Responding to the questions below should help you to clarify in your own mind what the problem is and how you can overcome or get round it.

1. What is the Stumbling Block and how is it impeding your ability to achieve your dream or targets?

2. What can you do to help you overcome the Stumbling Block or reduce or  manage the difficulties it presents even if you can't completely overcome it? - You might specify here actions that you can take or things that you can say to yourself in particular situations to help you manage the potential problem.

3. If you have difficulty in thinking up constructive actions in 2. above, then ask yourself if there have been times in the past when you have had some success in overcoming the Stumbling Block or preventing it arising. What did you do then? Could you do something similar again?

4. If  you still have difficulty then ask yourself what would you say to someone else that they might do, if they were in your situation?

5. Could anyone else or any other resources independent of you help or support you to address the Stumbling Block? If so, how?

6. If you still feel that the Stumbling Block is too great to overcome, is there a way in which you can modify your dream or target, so that it feels more achieveable, whilst still being someting you want to pursue? - Only answer this if you don't think you can overcome or manage the Stumbling Block successfully without modifying your dream/target.

7. In the light of the above answers, what are you going to do?


This exercise is featured in the ebook 50 Life Coaching Exercises - For further information and other life coaching resources click on the link below:

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