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Understanding Low Self-Esteem

It is not uncommon for people with low self-esteem to think that if only they could find out what is wrong with them - their fatal flaw if you like - then they would be able to fix it and become a better person.

Traditional psychotherapy techniques feed off this sense of self-doubt or guilt and can lead the unfortunate client or patient onto a deep chain of introspection and journey into painful elements of the past which is often not necessary and can simply increase that sense that you are fundamentally flawed and that the psychotherapist is the only 'expert' who can fix you.

In fact if you experience low self-esteem the truth about where it has come from often does not need an expert to discover it. You may well recognise that in your past there were important people (parents/siblings/school teachers or others) who either:

Other obvious possible causes of self-esteem are if you have suffered some form of painful trauma or abuse in your past (or present) or if you have undergone a series of setbacks in relation to your personal or professional ambitions.

Coming to Terms with Self-Critical Thoughts

Just as you do not usually need a psychotherapist to identify the causes of your low self-esteem if you experience it, similarly you often do not need to employ a psychotherapist to help you deal with it in a sensible manner.

One thing that you can do to help you come to terms with self-critical thoughts and build your self-esteem is to keep a daily journal, which in this context may be called a Self- Esteem Journal.

Click on the link below to find out more:

Keeping a Journal for Self-Esteem


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