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Dealing with Procrastination

Do you sometimes find yourself in a position where you know there is something that you should do but you keep putting off doing it?

The most likely reason for this is that there are some payoffs for you of not taking that step (or at least some perceived payoffs).

Those payoffs might be things as simple as that it will take effort for you to make the change.

They might be psychological elements such as fear of doing the unknown or of change.

They might be elements to do with your relationships, such as worrying about offending other people or what other people might think of you.

They might be elements to do with your self-esteem, such as what if I fail?

Assessing Payoffs

If you are hampered by procrastination, I would suggest that you use the table below (or something similar) to identify what your own personal payoffs are from not changing, to assess whether they are realistic and to motivate yourself to move forward if that seems appropriate:

1. What action are you putting off? 2. What goes through your mind when you are tempted to put off the action? 3. What are the payoffs for you of putting off the action? 4. What can you do say to yourself put your anxious thoughts in perspective & what can you do to address these payoffs?








Once you've decided on some potential constructive self-talk and actions to address your payoffs, try them out if you really want to move forward with your action!


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