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Keeping a Journal

Why Keep a Journal?

There are many different reasons why you might want to keep a journal, including:

Keeping a Self-Esteem Journal

This webpage focuses on the kind of journal that might help you to understand low self-esteem if you experience it and to build your self-esteem. The principal idea behind it is to note down negative or self-critical thoughts in your journal and to challenge them in realistic ways so that they lose some of their hold on you.

1. Use a record keeping system that feels good and personal to you - that might be a notebook that you like or sheets of paper bound together or something else. Whatever system you use try to use one which you personally like or can take pride in.

2. Write something in your journal everyday. At first write all the different things that you are feeling and thinking about daily events and how your life is going and how you are acting. Note down your thoughts and feelings, anxieties, wishes, hopes, successes, frustrations and what happens on a daily basis. For a few days or a week do this without analysing.

3. After a few days or a week (whatever time is sufficient for you to have collected a reasonable amount of material) look back at the journal you have kept so far and observe out the negative or self-critical comments that you have made. Ask yourself:

4. Next, commit to challenging and replacing the negative voices and self-critical statements that you identified above. To do this, each time that you find yourself writing a negative or self-critical thought in your journal:

5. As well as challenging the negative voices in the ways indicated above:

If this process for keeping a journal to address negative inner voices helps to build your self-esteem in a reasonable way then keep it up for as long as you find it helpful.


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