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How Can You Make Your Day to Day Life More Enjoyable?

Common Experiences in Day to Day Life

There are times in your life when you may feel that life has become:

What can you do if any of these characterisations applies to your life right now?

1. Identify Your Own Experience

Begin by acknowledging what the issue is for you. Is it any of the experiences mentioned above (a hard slog/bordeom/loneliness) or is it something else?

2. Do What You Can to Address the Difficulty

Once you have identified what the issue is for you, instead of moaning about it, do what you can realistically do to address the difficulty.

If your experience of day to day life has become negative for some other reason than the above, then once you have identified the nature of your experience, ask yourself what would a reasonable person in my situation with my experience do? Then try to do it yourself!


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