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Self-Help & CBT Author David Bonham-Carter

David Bonham-Carter is a writer of self-help guides who formerly practised as an international life coach providing coaching services and products for individuals both in the united kingdom where he resides and internationally. He has helped clients across the world, providng executive coaching services to business leaders as well as life coaching and stress management services to private individuals. He has a Masters Degree in social work from the University of Kent passed with distinction and a Masters Degree in Philosophy from Bristol University.

In 2014 David took the decision to retire from life coaching practice in order to concentrate on the dissemination of his coaching ideas to a wider public through his Self-Help eBook Guides.

David has received training in several different methods of intervention including:

David has also written a number of articles on stress management, life coaching techniques, relationship issues such as jealousy and related topics. He has appeared on radio and his advice has featured in online and printed journals in the UK. His work with clients and in eBook programmes is built around research into effective methods for facilitating progress. Its focus is on helping individuals to realise personal values and goals to achieve realistic aspirations and a rewarding lifestyle.