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Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

By Susan Jeffers

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers is amongst the most well known self help books ever written, not least because of its memorable title. In the introduction to the book Susan Jeffers claims that whatever your fear the book will give you the tools to improve your ability to handle situations and move from negative feelings and experiences such as paralysis and depression to positive ones such as energy and excitement. She argues that many people are held back by fears and indicates that her intention is to provide reeducation to help address those fears.

The fears that Jeffers describes are expressed in the form of negative thoughts running through your mind, the little voice inside your head telling you things such as that you can not change your situation or achieve what you want or that you might make a mistake and regret it.

In the first chapter Jeffers suggests that fears can be analysed into three levels. At the first level is the surface fear. This might be for example fear of ending or beginning a relationship or fear of changing career. At the next level is the inner state of mind behind this - for example, a fear of rejection or of failure. Then at the third level, she suggests, is a fear that you will not be able to handle the situation if the level 2 fear materialises, e.g. a fear that you will not be able to handle rejection or failure...

The critical point Jeffers suggests is that to be able to diminish the fear that you have all you need to do is to develop more trust in your ability to handle whatever comes your way. This may, she suggests, involve unlearning the conditioning of childhood if as a child you were taught not to take too many risks and to be too careful.

Jeffers suggests in chapter 2 that as long as you develop and grow then you will experience fear and that the only way to get rid of the fear of doing something is to go out and do it. She also argues that it is less frightening to do this than to continue living with the underlying fear, not doing anything and feeling helpless.

The tools or recommendations included in the book for confronting your fears and building up your inner resources to do so, include:

Subsequent chapters in the book cover a variety of related topics including:


Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway is an interesting motivational book containing a number of strategies which practitioners in coaching fields and those interested in self help are likely to be familiar with. The packaging of the materials within the overall concept of dealing with fears gives the book its own unique emphasis. For those who feel that a more balanced approach to risk taking may be sensible I would suggest a slightly different approach to dealing with fears and doubts which you can find at the following web page: Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

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