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Life Coaching Resources Pack

A Coaching Toolkit for Coaches & Others


4 Coaching eBooks with Proven Exercises for:

*Life Change, Breaking Bad Habits & Improving Quality of Life**

*Building Self Esteem*

*Assertiveness Training*

*50 Life Coaching Exercises*

Ideal for life coaches or other professionals to use in their coaching or for individuals wanting to make improvements in their life for self help.

All the eBooks are provided in immediately downloadable PDF format.

Each item is available for purchase on its own or in a total package as part of the Life Coaching Resources Pack for a 50% saving (see below)!


Life Coaching Resources Pack - Choose Your Items!

Items included in the Life Coaching Resources Pack Price for Item as a stand alone item (in US Dollars)

Changing Your Life eBook
An eBook program for improving your life progressing logically through 7 modules, including practical exercises to complete as you work your way throught the program.
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Low Self Esteem - How to Deal with It eBook
A 70 page eBook Guide for improving your self esteem and dealing with negative self criticism, including a series of easy to follow exercises for you to complete in order to help you feel better and live a more productive life.
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How to Be Assertive eBook
An eBook containing 5 different practical approaches to develop your skills in being assertive with relevant coaching exercises.
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50 Life Coaching Exercises
A set of 50 life coaching exercises for use by individuals or life coaches and covering a range of life coaching and personal development issues such as making changes, career, relationships, self esteem, anxiety, assertiveness and stress.
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Total Price for Buying Each Item Separately Would Be $59.96

Life Coaching Resources Pack (contains all 4 items): $29.98
- i.e. A Saving of 50% if you buy all 4 items together! -


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About the Author

The eBooks in the Life Coaching Resources Pack are written by Self-Help Author David Bonham-Carter who specialises in the use of CBT, Motivational Interviewing and other practical techniques to help people deal with negative thinking patterns, make practical positive changes and address difficulties such as:

David worked for many years in the UK as a social worker before becoming a professional life coach in private practice for several years. He now focuses on sharing useful coaching and CBT techniques through self-help guides.

The materials in the Life Coaching Resources Pack include the coaching exercises, techniques and ideas which he has found to be of most use in helping people to make effective changes in his own professional experience as well as based on principles arising from research into effective helping techniques.


"You have some great resources! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge David. My life is getting better every day...I am also using some of your ideas with a group of women who are seeking to change their lives in a positive way." - Jane, State of Victoria, Australia

"The eBooks you are producing are excellent. They are well laid out and easy to navigate. The language is clean and basic and easy to understand. The exercises and resource listings are also most helpful and appropriate for the book content. You have a way of breaking the theory into bite size chunks that makes it very easy to follow and to implement. Thank you - more books please!" - Freddie, UK

"Through the Life Satisfaction analysis [in the Changing Your Life Program] I was able to get a clear overview of how different aspects of my life were rated, then the successive modules provide a structured way of breaking change down into manageable 'tasks' or steps, culminating in an initial Life Plan... the Life Plan is achievable - it is not an idealised aim, but extremely practical and realistic.

I think anyone who wants to make changes in their life and who is prepared to work at this can benefit from the program. You don't have to be 'special' or ambitious or good at making changes. The program is designed in such a way that anyone and everyone can benefit from it."

- Tina, Madrid, Spain

"It is refreshing to come across an approach which is free of jargon and user friendly. I see a lot of programs being promoted as life changing but seldom with such a simple, fad free approach. David genuinely cares about empowering individuals to make the most of their lives."

- Alison, Surrey, UK

"I came across your website by chance as I was researching life coaching websites in general looking at ideas of how to structure my own website. However when I read some of the information around your ebooks I thought the 50 Life Coaching Exercises would be a useful tool to have. I have found the style and content both easy to use, read and digest. It's a sort of referral guide for me and my clients that I use in preparing for my coaching sessions."

- Hilary, Life Coach

"I am a qualified executive coach, so mainly coach on work related issues but I frequently come across more person/life issues and it has given me comfort to know there are some good exercises I can turn to if a particular issue crops up and how to address it. Most of the main 'life' issues are covered [in the "50 Life Coaching Exercises ebook] and the exercises are simple to understand, pragmatic and easy to use. Great to have some more tools in my toolbox! "

- Liz, Executive Coach

"...Professionally presented and well thought out - quality resources" - Chris, Trainee Life Coach



When you purchase The Life Coaching Resources Pack or any of the ebooks in it from this website, you will receive immediately a link to download the ebooks in PDF format. Your purchase is covered by a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you are unhappy with your purchase and do not believe that it represents good value, just request a refund within 15 days of receiving the ebooks and you will be given a complete refund.


To Purchase all 4 items in the Life Coaching Resources Pack by
immediate download in PDF Format for one payment of only $29.98
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