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Becoming An Affiliate

Sell my life coaching books online
Commission: Earn 50% per Sale!

Affiliate Program Details

1. I offer an affiliate program providing 50% commission for each sale you make of any of my life coaching books. The program is run through the independent Click2Sell affiliate marketing network, where you can track details of your affiliate sales.

2. Joining the affiliate program is free!

3. You can view the promotional pages for the life coaching books at Life Coaching Books.

Benefits of the Affiliate Program

1. Multiple Related Products increases opportunity for Sales! I offer eBooks on related issues (life coaching, self esteem, assertiveness and other topics). Therefore even if you begin by promoting just one of my eBooks, if a customer buys another of my eBooks sold via the Click2Sell system, you will get credited commission for that too!

I aim to add additional self help books as the opportunity arises, generating even more prospects for sales!

2. eBooks that Work for Self Coaching or for Coaching others! - The eBooks I offer are of interest to individuals seeking help for particular issues, such as self esteem, life change, assertiveness or jealousy. They include practical exercises for helping people to resolve specific problems, so they can also be very helpful for life coaches in coaching others, to provide help with particular coaching topics.

2. Follow up purchases for 6 Months! Click2Sell's tracking system gives you credit for any sale within a 6 month period. You will get a unique affiliate ID and a link to place on your website, newsletter, etc. Each visitor you send to one of my products via your affiliate link will be marked with a special cookie, so if a sale of one of the other eBooks is made to that visitor within 6 months of when you referred them – you still will get a commission!

3. Range of pricing points! You can choose to focus on promoting one of my specific lower range pricing products, such as the 50 Life Coaching Exercises product which is of great use to life coaches OR you can choose to focus on my bundled product the Life Coaching Resources Pack which will give you more money per sale as it includes several related products. It's up to you - or you can try out different approaches and see which generates the most income for you!

4. Specialist Products available! Some of my eBooks, such as the Overcoming Jealousy product and the Dealing with a Jealous Partner product are very specialised and sell well because of this. These ebooks provide simple exercises to work through and constructive ideas for people who experience jealousy or have a partner who experiences jealousy. They are great buys for the many people who are caught up in the difficulties created by jealousy in relationships. Similarly, the ebook for dealing with Low Self Esteem and the eBook on How to Be Assertive provide clear tools and approaches on specialist problems offering very good value to customers or coaches and providing simple practical tools and ideas.

How to Become an Affiliiate

To become an affiliate, you will need to create an account with Click2Sell (for free) and then simply use the affiliate links you are given for any of the eBooks below to promote them. As stated above, if you promote one eBook and generate a sell for another eBook on the program within 6 months you will get commission for that too!.

To register as an affiliate and get your own affiliate links
Choose the eBooks you want to sell and click on the relevant links below

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1. You can market the products through your own website, to your email list, by publishing articles promoting the products via your own affiliate link on article directories or through any other legitimate marketing means you choose (please note that you must not market the products in any way which might bring them or my service into disrepute and you must not engage in any activity which might be construed as sending spam email. I reserve the right to terminate an affiliate's account with me if for any reason I no longer wish that person or organisation to participiate in my affiliate program).

2. The program runs in accordance with any information and terms on the Click2Sell site. Please note that I offer a 15 day guarantee of most of the eBooks. It is rare for a customer to seek a refund but should they do so the guarantee will be honoured which means that if the customer has purchased via your affiliate link you will not receive commission in an instance where the customer has been refunded. You can find further information when you sign up as an affiliate, including a downloadable eBook guide to the Click2Sell system for affiliates which Click2Sell provide on their website.