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Building Confidence & Self Esteem

The Two Aspects of Low Self Esteem

If you experience low self esteem you probably have a self image which involves you:

(1) Not valuing yourself and your own worth very highly and/or

(2) Paying more attention and attaching more significance to the aspects of yourself with which you are unhappy than to those aspects which you feel are OK.

If this applies to you, then you may find it leads you to act in certain ways that cause problems for you and sometimes for others, for example:

Where does Low Self Esteem come from?

Self Esteem is part of our self image. Our self image develops during our childhood and is the combination of our own natural personality features together with the messages and influences we receive from those around us about how we should act and feel about ourselves.

Self Esteem & Childhood

If you suffer from low self esteem you may have experienced one or more of the following factors in your childhood from your parents or other important figures:

Media messages about your gender, race, sexual orientation, culture, or other features can also play a part in giving you a negative self image or low self esteem or lack of confidence.

It is also possible to develop low self esteem as an adult. If for example, you experience a traumatic event, rejection or abuse, or conversely if you do an action about which you subsequently feel guilty.

Can You Improve Self Esteem?

The short answer to this is: 'Yes!'. There are techniques and ideas for gradually improving your self image, self confidence and self belief, which research has shown to be effective. Some of these are given below.

Others may require the support of a coach or someone else with appropriate expertise to help you make the changes that will benefit you and help you live your life to the full.

Tips for Dealing with Low Self Confidence and Self Esteem

If self confidence is an area where you have difficulties and you would like help to improve self esteem, you may find it helpful to try out the following suggestions, which are common recommended features on self esteem courses:


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