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Improving Self Confidence

The following are exercises you can try out for improving your self confidence and building your self esteem:

Building Confidence - Confidence Awareness Exercise

Identify and highlight your abilities, achievements and skills by completing the following sentences as positively as you can. If you have difficulty in completing the exercise, then you may find it helpful to ask a trusted friend who knows you well to assist you in identifying the positive features about yourself:

1. Something I do well is ...

2. I am proud that ...

3. Something I have achieved is ...

4. One of my best characteristics is ...

5. A positive realistic aim I can strive towards is ...

Write out your answers to the exercise on a card or piece of paper or in your diary and read it on a regular basis, perhaps every morning or every evening, to remind yourself of the positive attributes that you have.

Building Confidence - Self Confidence Success Log

To help you recognise and acknowledge achievements or successes you have accomplished, one exercise you can do is to keep a daily log or diary identifying goals that you reach, occasions when you receive positive feedback and aspects of situations which you feel you have dealt with positively.

The aim of this particular exercise is for you to recognise positives, so don't dwell on aspects which haven't worked but try to identify positives aspects of what you have done even where you feel that success has only been partial. Keep the daily log or diary to hand so that you can fill it in immediately you achieve something rather than forgetting!

Building Confidence - Future Goals Exercise

It may assist you in building your self confidence if you can have some aspirations and goals to aim for. My suggestion would be that you set yourself a general aspiration as to what you would like to be moving towards and then identify much smaller, measurable and achievable goals which will contribute, even if only in a small way, towards the vision of a self confident you.

Thus you might begin to set an aspiration for yourself by completing the following sentence:

'I would like to strive to be [or become] ...'

Then for the second part of the exercise, set yourself a small step towards that aspiration. Make sure that the step you set is specific and that you give yourself a time frame within which you will aim to complete it. You might express the goal in the following form, for example::

'As a small step towards my aspiration I will do .... by ...'

Once you have set youself the goal, record on your Self Confidence Success Log when you achieve it - If you don't manage to achieve it, then try not to get down on yourself - either adjust the target so that it is more achievable or try to think of things that might help to motivate you to achieve it - e.g. decide to give yourself some kind of small (healthy) reward if you succeed, such as allowing yourself to relax for an hour or two.


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