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Setting up a Life Coaching Business

For those who are thinking of setting up a life coaching business, below is a checklist of some items to consider. This is not an exhaustive list, just some of the elements that may be relevant to starting your own life coaching business:

1. Are you intending to provide the service as an additional source of income or are you reliant on it as your main source of income – if the latter, have you planned the development of the business appropriately to maximise your chances of making the business a success and protect against potential risks?

2. Will the service be provided by phone or email or face to face?

3. How long will each session last?

4. What times of day or days of the week will you offer sessions?

5. What fee will you charge?

6. What mechanism(s) for payment will you offer?

7. Will you offer a guarantee – if so, what – and what provisions will you have (if any) about refunds?

8. Will payment be required in advance?

9. What accounts will you keep and systems for providing receipts or invoices to clients?

10. Do you need to register for Data Protection purposes?

11. Do you need to contact the Inland Revenue (or other appropriate tax authority) to make arrangements for paying national insurance and clarify any taxation issues?

12. What records will you keep of contact with clients and other relevant information and how will you keep them confidential and secure?

13. Are you going to get professional indemnity insurance (&/or any other relevant insurance)?

14. Are you going to join any professional coaching association?

15. Will you work from home or elsewhere?

16. Will you set up a separate office/phone line?

17. Have you considered how the development of the business may impact on your lifestyle and on family members, partner or others close to you – if the impact may be significant, have you discussed your ideas with those likely to be affected and taken steps to ensure any potential negative impact is minimised or prepared for?

18. Have you considered how you will manage your workload effectively and protect against possible stresses of running your own business?

19. How will you market your service?

20. Will you have a website – If yes, will you set it up yourself or pay someone to do it for you?

21. Have you got a contingency plan if the business doesn’t work as well as you like or doesn’t prove as enjoyable as you would like?

22. Are there any risks to your own safety which you need to protect against?

23. What provisions will you have regarding confidentiality and how will you communicate them to the client?

24. Will you have written terms of service and if so how will you communicate them to the client?

25. What fields do you have appropriate expertise and experience to provide coaching in?

26. What areas don’t you have appropriate expertise and experience to provide coaching in?

27. How will you assess whether your coaching service is suitable for a particular client and what will you do if it is not (or if it ceases to be)?

28. How will you evaluate the progress of your clients?

29. How you will ensure that you maintain appropriate professional boundaries in providing a service to a client?

30. What training or additional training do you need before you can provide an appropriate service to your clients?

31. Do you feel that you require supervision or other support to enable you to provide an appropriate service (or for any other reasons)?


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