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Decision Making

Here is a simple life coaching exercise to help you think through a decision:

Answer the following questions to help you clarify your thoughts about a decision you have to make:

  1. What is the decision that you think you have to make?


  1. What do you feel about having to make the decision?


  1. What is the time frame within which you feel you have to make the decision and what consequences are there likely to be if you don’t make the decision within that time frame?


  1. Is there anything that is preventing you making the decision or making it particularly difficult for you? Please give details:


  1. Now list what you see as the possible options in relation to the decision you have to make.



  1. Analyse each option indicated in 5 using a table like that below, to indicate what you see as the possible advantages and disadvantages of choosing that option and any particular concerns you have about choosing that option.
What is the Option? What are the Advantages of this Option? What are the Disadvantages of this Option? What Particular Concerns do you have about Choosing this Option?


  1. Are there any other people whose views would be useful to you in making the decision?  If so, indicate who they are and how they might be helpful (If you have already sought their views, please indicate the outcome).


  1. Is there any other information that you feel may be relevant to the decision which is not covered above?  If so, please indicate what it is.


  1. Once you feel you have reached a considered decision after reflecting on the above questions, decide what you are going to do to implement it and to communicate it to whoever you feel should know about it. List your chosen actions covering:

What you will do next:

When you will do it:

Whom you will communicate it to:

How you will try to do it:


This exercise is featured in the ebook 50 Life Coaching Exercises - For further information and other life coaching resources click on the link below:

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