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Create Your Vision

A coaching exercise taken from the downloadable book
available at: Life Coaching Exercises

If you want to achieve major change then it will be important to have a vision of what you aspire to and aim for. Here is a simple coaching exercise to follow to help you try and imagine in as much detail as you can the future that you want to create for yourself:

Select a date in the future - ideally between 6 months time and two years. Imagine that things have changed during that time and write a letter to yourself describing what has happened, all the improvements and progress that has been made, your new situation and how wonderful it is.

In writing your letter focus more on the positive changes you have made than on the absence of some of the things that have annoyed you. Imagine the new situation you are in and describe the actions you have taken to progress you situation and to create a new quality of life and the benefits this has brought for you.

In the letter be sure to comment not just on your practical circumstances but on your feelings, behaviour and actions in the new world in which you are living. Also comment on how your needs and values are now being met and on any positive changes to other areas of your life if these were not your primary area of focus but they have benefited as a result of the changes you have made (for example, you may have changed career and found that feeling more relaxed has had a positive effect on your relationships).

Please note that your vision of the future can be very ambitious, but it must be possible. If for example you would like to recreate something you had in the past which is no longer possible or within your control, then it may be that instead you will do best by trying to accept this and create a new future - without losing your memories of that past time or important situation which forms a part of your life and has contributed significantly to the unique human being that you are now.

Write the letter on a separate piece of paper or on writing paper if you prefer or if you think this will help you get into the task. Enjoy it and have some fun. Be creative if you can!

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This is just one of the exercises featured in the
Downloadable coaching eBook 50 Life Coaching Exercises.
A full list of the coaching exercises in that eBook is available at:

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