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Change Questionnaire

Answer the questions below to help you decide on changes that you might want to make and how you might begin to go about working towards them.

1. What 3 outcomes would you most like to achieve over the next 3-6 months?


2. What leads you to want to take action now about the issues that are of concern or interest to you (as opposed to say 12 months ago)?


3. What actions have you taken in the past (whether on your own initiative or with support to address these issues and with what success?


4. What are the qualities, strengths and values that you have which you think will be most helpful towards achieving the outcomes you have set out in 1. above?


5. What are your 3 biggest worries as to what might stop you achieving the outcomes you are looking for?


6. Given your answers to 1-5 above, list a small number of actions that you can now take to begin to move towards the outcomes that you would like to achieve or to deal with your worries:

This exercise is featured in the ebook 50 Life Coaching Exercises - For further information and other life coaching resources click on the link below:

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