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Dealing with Anger

(Anger Management Tips and Information)

Anger is one of the biggest causes of problems in relationships and also carries health risks for the person experiencing it, including potentially increasing your risk of:

This webpage gives some information about anger and ideas for how to manage anger.

What is Anger?

Anger is a natural emotional state in which triggered by a situation or by your own feelings about yourself or someone else you experience a surge of energy and a flow of adrenaline through your body.

In itself there is nothing wrong with anger - the problems arise when it is excessive or out of control and when you behave towards someone else (or yourself) in a damaging way because of your anger.

Three Approaches to Anger

Suppressing Anger

Some people feel anger but don't express it towards the person they are angry with, perhaps boiling inwardly or even hurting themself to achieve a release of the angry feelings.

Expressing Anger

Some people may go to the other extreme and vent their anger forcibly towards others. In some cases this can lead to physical or verbal violence. In other cases it may be at a more acceptable level with anger being voiced in clear terms and with explanations given of what the issue is and how you would like it dealt with.

Being Assertive

The key to dealing with anger is balance. Learn to be assertive - to express your needs and wishes clearly whilst at the same time not infringing the personal space of others and respecting their needs. You can find more about assertiveness at the link below:


Anger Management

If you have difficulties with expressing your anger in a balanced way, then you may benefit from learning ways of managing and controlling your anger, by calming your inner feelings and/or controlling your aggressive behaviour. Techniques could include:

Relaxation Exercises


Try expressing your anger in a creative way, for example by:

Stress and Anxiety Management

Anger may be linked to your underlying stress or anxiety levels:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or Coaching

You can find out more about cognitive behavioural techniques at the link below:



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