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Affiliate Program - Life Coaching & Self Help Books

Commission: Earn 50% per sale!

An affiliate program for selling David Bonham-Carter's downloadable life coaching ebooks online and earning 50% commission per sale is available via the E-junkie online system for anyone with a Paypal account to receive payment of commissions. You can join David's affiliate program for free. Sales made through your affiliate links are logged on E-junkie's automated system to ensure that you are credited your appropriate commissions reliably.

You can view the promotional pages for the life coaching books at Life Coaching Books.

Benefits of the Affiliate Program

Affiliate Tools

Once you have signed up to the affiliate program you can use sample exercises from the 50 Life Coaching Exercises to promote that ebook or to promote the Life Coaching Resources Pack of which it is one element.

For information about the sample exercises that you can use for promotional purposes go to: Affiliate Tools.

How To Become an Affiliate

1. Join David Bonham-Carter's Affiliate Program by registering for a FREE account on the E-junkie website at the link below (the program operates in accordance with the terms on the E-junkie website).

Join David Bonham-Carter's Affiliate Program at Ejunkie! 

2. Once  you have registered for a FREE account at E-junkie, get your link code so that you can direct people to David's promotional pages and gain credit for any sales generated by your referrals. To do this, take the following steps from the affiliate admin page on the e-Junkie website:

a. On the affiliate admin page click Get Affiliate Code

b. Select David Bonham-Carter Life Coach from the Select Merchant menu if it is not already selected.

c. Click Get Affiliate Code, then do either of the following at your choice:

(i) Copy the Common Hop Link code to get html code for a link to David’s catalogue page listing all of his books AND/OR

(ii) Alternatively if you want a link to a page promoting a specific book, select the book you are interested in from the drop down list under Get Product Specific Affiliate Links and click Get Affiliate Code to obtain a link to the page specific to that book.

3. Market the books in any legitimate way that you want to. Use your affiliate link to direct people to the promotional pages for any book that you want to sell as an affiliate. This will ensure that you are automatically credited for sales of the books to people finding out about the books from your link. Marketing methods you might want to consider could include:

Payment of Your Affiliate Commissions

Any affiliate commissions due to you will be paid on a monthly lump-sum by the end of the month following a completed sales month, e.g. commissions for sales made in January would be paid out by the end of February (if a customer referred by you is refunded for any reason then no commission for that sale will be payable to you). Payment will be via Paypal who will deduct their own commission in accordance with their usual terms for your account with them. Be sure to enter your Paypal email when you create your E-junkie account to ensure that you can be paid!

General Considerations

Following the above steps should enable you to start marketing my self help books and receiving commissions for any sales made, details of which will be logged by the automated E-junkie system. You can use your own website, permission based emails, articles or other reasonable marketing techniques to market the books, but you must not market them in any way which might bring the products or my service into disrepute and on no account should you engage in anything which might be construed as sending unsolicited email. I reserve the right to terminate an affiliate's account with me if for any reason I no longer wish that person or organisation to be part of my affiliate network.

You can find E-junkie's own instructions and information about creating affiliate links at: Ejunkie - Help page for Affiliates.

For other questions about my affiliate program please Contact me by email.